The Emperor

Allen Schezar
The Vision Of Escaflowne

    THE EMPEROR Fatherhood. Brotherhood. Command. Prestige. Intellect. Judgment. Endurance. Conviction. Affluence. The animus.

    ALLEN SCHEZAR A Knight of Asturia, Allen Schezar is chivalrous in the extreme. At times, maybe too extreme. He can be conscientious and caring, but that becomes patronizing. He is stoic, burying the darkness of his past behind the facade of a ladykiller. He doesn't open up easily. He's been a lover and a rogue, sometimes both at once. Allen is loyal to his King, his country, and his men, and receives loyalty in return. He is protective to a fault. He stands as a paternal influence on his men, but not to his son, who may not be aware of his true father. Allen's father abandoned his family when Allen was but a boy, leaving him as the father figure of the family, and his sister vanished. He continues to search for her, hoping he'll be able to create a loving family once more.

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