The Fool

Captain Justy Uecki Tylor
Irresponsible Captain Tylor

    THE FOOL Careless, thoughtless action. Irrationality, sometimes anti-rationality. Impetuousness. Blind trust. Naiveté. Insecurity. Folly. Excitement.

    CAPTAIN JUSTY UECKI TYLOR Captain Tylor is the archetypal Fool, and shows what happens when the Fool is put in charge: utter chaos. His standing orders to the crew of the Soyokaze are "Do whatever you want to do." He's lazy, slovenly, a poor disciplinarian, impetuous, lascivious, naive, trusting, annoying as hell, and immensely appealing. And somehow always comes out on top. Despite his faults -- in some cases because of them -- he is capable of (eventually) inspiring absolute devotion in his crew and admiration in his enemies. He trusts blindly to Fate and Fate comes through for him in the end. Whatever happens to him, no matter how dark, turns out to be for the best, and he has a positive influence on those who surround him.

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