[Posing with attitude]
dissolute absinthe drinkers
new year's eve 1999

status: Done, over, finished.

worn: Worn for a costume party

how it was made: With much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Well, it wasn't quite that bad, except for the frock coat. The frock coat was altered from a zoot suit jacket pattern, and that was fine but the fabric wasn't. Let this be a lesson to me: don't fall in love with a fabric and decide to use it no matter what. It was hellish to work with and doesn't fall quite right. Sigh.

We called ourselves dissolute absinthe drinkers for lack of any other theme. I made all three of the costumes. Jennifer, in green on the left, wore a 1910-inspired skirt and jacket and a large hat she concocted herself. Clint, in the middle, is wearing a frock coat, vest, and ascot. I, resplendent in burgundy over on the right, am inhabiting an 1880s-ish bustle dress and corset. You can't see the corset, of course, but the bodice won't fit unless you wear it. The skirt is constructed in an interesting fashion: an underskirt covered by an overskirt that bustles itself up with the help of tapes tied underneat h it -- no actual bustle need be worn.

Jennifer's hat is the Hat of Death.

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