[Joker and tailor with award]
the joker

status: Finished, over, done..

worn: Worn by Gooch in AggieCon 2000 Masquerade. Won Grand Prize.

how it was made: I altered a Burda frock coat pattern to make the tailcoat. I now am very good at sewing in welt pockets. The buttons on the front of the coat and on the sleeves are happy-face buttons. The vest is a standard vest pattern with false pockets decorated with ribbon with crayons printed on it, and its buttons are primary-colored letters and toys. The pants are from a zoot suit pattern.

You see here the results of not fitting the costume to the person enough while sewing: the waist of the jacket is a little bit too high, and the pant legs are a little bit too long. Oh well. What I like best about the costume, though, is it is all cotton and is washable.

The pic is of Gooch and me after the masquerade, with me wearing his Grand Prize medallion. I did his makeup as well, although it doesn't show very well in the picture, but Gooch rocked the judges with his portrayal of The Joker's character onstage.

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