[me as Meryl, someone or other as Vash]
meryl stryfe

status: Finished. Um, somewhat.

worn: A-Kon 2000, by me.

how it was made: This was made in about three days, from some really annoying fabric. The fabric seems just fine, until you wash it, whereupon it scrunches itself up into teeny little wrinkles and just will not iron out. Sigh. It was a simple skirt & tunic, nothing spectacular to say about either of them.

The cape was made using a pattern from Simplicity that closed fully in front, was fitted over the shoulders, and had seams up the front sides in the same place that Meryl's shirtfront thing is. I fiddled with a paper pattern to get the shape of the shirtfront right, sewed it up, and sewed on the bow. The guns (which were the impetus for this costume, I must admit) are little plastic waterguns sewn with little vinyl straps onto large vinyl straps, which are hand-tacked into the cape.

The hair, well. The hair. Everyone told me I look good with black hair after seeing me in this wig, but it felt weird. Mostly because I've got almost waist-length hair and it all had to be stuffed up under there (for the first time in my life I was happy I had fine hair, instead of thick). I rather felt like I was wandering around with a large black mushroom on my head.

comments: I'm going to re-do this one. More comments on this here.

I have no idea who the Vash is, but he's the best I've ever seen. And I have no clue why he didn't win the hall costuming contest.

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