[Milly falling over with her stungun]
milly thompson

status: Planned. One pattern is bought.

how it will be made: The impetus for Milly was the stungun. One of my two insane friends who are making Wolfwood's cross mentioned that he could also build Milly's gun. So despite my serious lack of the necessary height, I'm doing Milly. I've got her hair -- long, straight, brown -- and when standing next to Jennifer-as-Wolfwood, we'll be in the correct proportions, although not the correct height. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The costume itself is fairly simple: white shirt, tie, suspenders, baggy brown corduroy pants, duster coat with capelet. I've got a Victorian Christmas pattern that I bought for the vest which also contains a pattern for a capelet. Now to get a pattern for a duster.

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