Wolfwood looking dramatic]
[Wolfwood looking tragic]
nicholas d. wolfwood

status: Planned.

how it will be made: Much like Spike Spiegel, the identifying characteristic of Wolfwood's outfit is the strong shoulders narrowing into a fitted waist. So again, shoulder pads and tailoring at the waist to make this jacket. In order to save time, Jennifer has been alerted to buy a pair of slim black pants that fit her and a lapel-less jacket with shoulder pads in it, one or two sizes too large. I'll take in the jacket at the waist to make the inverted-triangle shape you see in the lower picture. Jennifer is tall and slim and will carry this off beautifully.

Jennifer's also going to supply the shirt, the only strange characteristic of which is the lapels. If she can't find a white shirt with douple lapels like that, not a big deal. I'll also track down large crosses for the cufflinks.

The big, cool item, however, will be Wolfwood's signature giant cross. I have a couple of insane friends who really, really want to build that cross, and they're full of plans for it, with a couple of hidden surprises. So they better do it. Hear that, Mike and Toby? It's been announced: you have to do it now!

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