[Amie in full green glory]
orion slave girl
star trek

status: Finished, over, done..

worn: Worn by Amie at A-Kon 1999.

how it was made: Amie, a diehard Star Trek fan, asked me to make this. It's essentially a fake lizard skin, tied together across the back and butt by its toes, with some extra toes hanging off the bottom for modesty's sake, and with the head wrapped over the shoulder and fastened to the back. She came up with the pattern by wrapping an old bedsheet around herself and drawing on it, we went shopping for fabric, and I sewed the thing together.

It's made of three layers of cloth: a light pink cotton lining, a gold lame, and a gold net on top of that, all bound around the edges with gold tape. The spikes running down the spine are lame and net sewn into triangles, stuffed, and sewn down.

Let me just take this opportunity to state categorically how much I hate to sew lame and netting, especially together, and I hope I never have to do it again.

[Amie in gold lizard skin]

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