This page isn't being updated at the moment because I've moved most of my art over to
I've also opened up for commissioned art - you can get details over on the page.

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Interior art for RPG books (Earthdawn and original games) published by Living Room Games 



Artwork that doesn't fit neatly into the other two categories.


living room games

Links to sites I've found with tutorials, nifty art, and books I've found useful.
p o r t f o l i o

s t e p h a n i e . g l y n n e . f o l s e

  Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me is an online manga drawn by me and written by me and a couple of friends. Random pictures from it are posted here.  


can't sleep

Original images on this site, except for the Earthdawn pictures, which are copyright to the FASA Corporation, are copyright to me. If you wish to use one of the other pictures, please ask me first - if I agree I might even get you a better copy :). For a special treat, take a look at my rant about what copyright is and isn't over at my Bishounen Tarot FAQ 

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