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online tutorials - galleries and collections - well-designed sites
online manga/comics - books and art supplies

Online tutorials:

  • Baka Neko's How to Draw Anime Page Lots of anime-style drawing and computer graphics tutorials.
  • How to Draw Anime Webring A simple method of finding anime drawing tutorials on the Web. Lists sites by subjects of tutorials: figure, hair, eyes, CG, and so forth.
  • Polykarbon Excellent anime/manga drawing and computer graphics tutorials, gallery, lists of reference books, and a section about the author's year in Japan.
  • How to Draw Manga Hosts the excellent tutorials on drawing anime and manga that used to be on Day Dreamer below. Also sells books and art supplies for the aspiring managaka.

    Art galleries and collections:

  • Day Dreamer Excellent fan and original art galleries. She used to have some wonderful anime/manga drawing tutorials up, but they're hosted by the How to Draw Manga site now.

    Sites noted for their design:

  • Very well done, with links to other well-designed pages on the site.
  • Sarah-neko Jump-off point for a number of her sites.
  • Up in Smoke Beautifully designed Trigun fan page.

    Online comics and manga:

  • Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me - Now what sort of self-promoter would be if I didn't push my own stuff? Don't answer that question.
  • Eversummer Eve - Online manga by Denise Jones, who does work for Living Room Games, as do I.

    Sites to get books and art supplies:

  • Blue Line Pro - Publishers of Sketch Magazine for comic artists, Blue Line Pro also offers lots of pro comic art supplies and how-to references. I've ordered stuff from them several times and been perfectly satisfied.
  • BlamBot Fonts - Free fonts for indie comics. I used Anime Ace for the more recent issues of Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me.
  • How to Draw Manga - A series of books from Japan aimed at the budding manga artist. I own all the English translations out so far and they come in qute handy. Like all art books, you need to evaluate the information that's offered to see whether or not it fits your style, but on the whole I find them immensely helpful. The site also offers manga supplies: pens, paper, screen tones, and so forth, and hosts some excellent tutorials on drawing manga and anime.