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anime tarot links

Alyx's Anime Tarot This site has some history and info on Tarot as well as decks the siteowner has created for Ranma 1/2, Fushigi Yuugi, and Sailor Moon. Work in progress on others.
Anime ArcanesSite in French about anime, primarily Saint Seiya, and Tarot.
the anime tarotTwo fan-created decks: Fushigi Yuugi and Gundam Wing. Major Arcana only so far.
Anime Tarot Cards Examples of official decks published by anime companies. Includes Oh My Goddess, Sailor Moon, and Vision of Escaflowne.
Les Arcanes Majeurs.French-only site with CLAMPS's X/1999 Tarot and card descriptions.
Assorted Anime TarotThis site has a full 78-card fan-created deck pulling from a variety of anime.
The CaravanMajor Arcana deck using characters from Weiß Kreuz.
ElysiaA full deck pulled from various anime. In zipped format.
The Escaflowne Tarot DeckTarot deck that accompanies the Vision of Escaflowne Playstation game. The images on the cards are the images used on Hitomi's cards in the anime.
The JoJo FAQSome characters in the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure are associated with Tarot cards. Explanations can be found here.
The Otaku TarotDenise Jones' partially-done deck from her Silver Branch Graphics site. Like me, she has an anime Tarot deck, does graphics for Living Room Games, and has an online manga. And has the sheer effrontry to be better at all of it than I am. *whine*
Reiko Shimizu's Anime Tarot DeckVery nice deck, not referring to any specific series that I know of, but then what do I know? I'm sure someone will tell me about this deck soon. Major Arcana and a couple of court cards.
Revolutionary Girl Utena Tarot deckVery well done doujinshi deck that you can buy from the creators in Japan. Major Arcana only.
Sailor Moon TarotFan-created deck.
Sands of Eternity: Utena Tarot Fan deck inspired by the Utena doujinshi deck above. Work in progress.
The Slayers TarotDeck created from characters from the Slayers anime series.
Tarot and EscaflowneArticle about Tarot and its use in Vision of Escaflowne and other anime.
Le Tarot dans EscaflowneFrench-only site with descriptions of Tarot cards used in Vision of Escaflowne.
The Utena Doujinshi Tarot DeckClose-up scans of the Utena doujinshi deck.
The X Tarot GalleryMajor Arcana designs by CLAMP for their X/1999 manga.
Yuu Yuu Hakusho TarotText-only. Assigns YYH characters to Tarot cards, with text description.

general anime and manga links

Bara no Unmei * Rose DestinySite dedicated to the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie, Adolescence Mokushiroku.
The Bluffer's Guide to Anime and MangaSo what is all this anime and manga stuff, anyway?
A Fan's ViewExtensive coverage of anime conventions.
Hair Color in Anime and MangaGuide to the color code.
Japanese for AnimeGuide to the Japanese language as you might encounter it in anime.
The Nameless Manga Translation SiteOnline translations of several manga, including Weiß Kreuz, Lost Universe, and Slayers. And it's got Stick Rezo! What more do you need?
prettyboy from hellA beautifully-designed shrine to Albatou Dilandou from Vision of Escaflowne.
Slayers UniverseExtensive, nicely-designed Slayers site.
Spiffiest Anime Hair Silly voting booth I set up. Go vote for whose hair you think is the best. Last time I looked, Vash the Stampede was in the lead, with Gene Starwind and Duo Maxell coming up from behind.
The TowerA Sorcerous Stabber Orphen page.
Up in SmokeA beautifully designed Trigun fan page.
The Waiting RoomPage about anime hair.

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