The Devil

Ohtori Akio
Revolutionary Girl Utena

    THE DEVIL Enslavement. Failure. Temptation. Obsession. Hedonism. Limitation. Fear of the unknown. Despair. Self-destruction. Violence. Emotional dysfunction.

    OHTORI AKIO Akio has fallen from heaven, through no fault of his own. His sister shut a young Prince away from the world and created the amoral beast he is today. In his attempts to regain the young Prince he once was, however, he constructed a world of illusion and inadvertently trapped himself. His chains, while placed on him by his sister, are maintained by himself. He manipulates the students, faculty, and administration of Ohtori Academy with callous lies and seduction, but in the end cannot bring about his desired result. He cannot -- or will not -- see that the way to break the chains of illusion holding him captive is to simply step outside and leave.

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