The Falling Tower

Saionji Kyouichi
Revolutionary Girl Utena

    THE FALLING TOWER Crushing of pride and vanity. Disruption Chaos. Loss of all one knows. Dramatic upheaval. Repercussions to one's actions. Changes occurring out of control. Violent end to a way of life.

    SAIONJI KYOUICHI Over the course of the story, Saionji's world collapses. His fiancee is lost to another in a duel, his best friend betrays him, and he is expelled from his school. He doesn't have much control over his passions and emotions. He beats his fiancee and professes to love her deeply, although what he loves is an image of her and not the real person. When he is expelled from Ohtori Academy, he is left adrift with no reason for living until he is summoned back. When Saionji's world changes, he cannot handle the shift and loses his status as a major player in the game.

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