The Hanged Man

Albatou Dilandau
The Vision Of Escaflowne

    THE HANGED MAN A liminal figure. Poised on the threshhold between two worlds or states of being. Rite of passage. Surrendering. Reversal. Overturning the old. Reflection. Living in the moment. Sacrifice.

    ALBATOU DILANDAU Dilandau's story is set in an old world that dies in fire giving birth to a new, and he reflects this (causes it, in some cases). As a child he was sacrificed on the altar of experimentation, being changed by the Zaibach Empire's Destiny Machine from the young girl Selena into the unstable boy Dilandau. His body and psyche twisted by the procedure, he wavers between one form and the other, tortured by emotional highs and lows. Dilandau is a living symbol of the strife that tears apart the world of Gaea, and it is significant that only after the war is decisively brought to an explosive close that he is finally able to leave the threshhold and find peace and a new life.

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