Nicholas D. Wolfwood

    JUSTICE Righteousness. Justice. Balance. Equanimity. Accord. Integrity. Responsibility; doing what has to be done. Examining issues and choosing. Accepting results.

    NICHOLAS D. WOLFWOOD A priest and gunslinger, Wolfwood is a conflicted man. He sends money earned with violence to the orphanage where he was raised and nurtures a passionate desire that no child suffers ever again, and yet when it comes down to it, he considers, makes a decision, and kills a child to ensure the safety of others. Wolfwood is a man who can choose the unthinkable for the greater good and who can live with the results. If something has to be done, he is the one who can do it. He strikes a balance between good and evil and at the end makes the right choice and suffers the consequences he knew would come.

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