The Wheel of Fortune

Folken Fanel
The Vision of Escaflowne

    THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE Destiny. Taking advantage of opportunity. Perceiving fate in action. Altering fortune. Change. Being caught up in events. Creating a new world or rejoining the old. Seeing disparate connections. Gaining perspective. Inevitable events.

    FOLKEN FANEL Strategos of the Zaibach Empire, Folken is a pivotal figure behind the Zaibach expansion. He is not the leader of the Empire, but his creations -- including the Fate Machine -- allow Zaibach to manipulate events and influences, controlling the fate of worlds. He was instrumental in the rise of the Empire and its fall, rebelling against the Emperor and killing him. He sees the threads of Fate, seizes them, and weaves the tapestry anew, yet in the end he too is subject to the inevitability of destiny.

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