The Hermit

Bolt Crank

    THE HERMIT Introspection. Searching. Mentor. Helper. Teacher. Solitude. Retreating from the world. Keeping one's own confidence. Discretion. Withholding emotion. Wisdom. Vigilance.

    BOLT CRANK Bolt is a solitary mercenary. He holds himself apart from others, yet mentors them if needed. He keeps his own counsel and makes his own decisions but can be convinced to help if the subject is deserving, but often does not do so directly and the subject of his aid may not find out until the last minute. Bolt can be hired, but not controlled. He has a strong sense of ethics and professionalism and is contemptuous of those who do not. He speaks rarely and to-the-point, telling the truth without concerning himself with the emotions of the person he is speaking to. He is cold but wise, and it is a foolish person who underestimates his strength.

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