The Lovers

Kiryuu Touga/Saionji Kyouichi
Revolutionary Girl Utena

    THE LOVERS Union. Relationship. Desire. Sex. Ethical and moral choices. Temptation. Intimacy. Attraction. Kinship.

    KIRYUU TOUGA/SAIONJI KYOUICHI The only lasting relationship either of these two seem to be able to form is with each other. While not what one would call a healthy relationship, each feeds off and complements the other. Touga is a manipulator and leader who has created a world for himself to satisfy his need for control. Once he confronts Tenjou Utena, who cannot be controlled with his sexuality, his walls crumble and he breaks down. Saionji, on the other hand, is a natural follower. He is ruthlessly manipulated by Touga -- has been since they were children together -- and though he is in denial about it he secretly needs it. When Saionji leaves Ohtori Academy he is a drifter at loose ends sponging off of others until summoned back. In relationships where he is not subordinate, he is out of control; when he is engaged to the Rose Bride, he takes his frustrations out on her and beats her. He believes he loves her, but in truth he only loves an image, not the real woman, and he cannot function without someone else to impose discipline upon him. Touga and Saionji both live in a world of sexual desire, twisted to serve themselves at the expense of others, and in the end are really only two sides of the same coin.

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