The Chariot

Vash the Stampede

    THE CHARIOT Headlong rush to a destination. Speed. Out of control. Escape. Travel. Attention to details. Overcoming adversity. Conflict. Uncontrollably emotional. Impulsiveness. Authority. Asserting control.

    VASH THE STAMPEDE Vash is called 'the Stampede' because disaster and chaos follow him, as uncontrollable as a stampede. He is a paradox: a pacifist gunfighter, by turns mature and goofy, surrounded by violence while chanting "LOVE AND PEACE!". He empathizes with others and when he loves, loves with a passion. He drifts from town to town , searching for love (or so he claims) while trying to get a handle on his past. Due to his sense of justice he tends to jump into events headfirst and is often dragged further by outside people or events. He is associated with massive destruction and devastation, but doesn't instigate it. Vash is often merely a weapon while someone else -- his brother -- pulls the trigger. He is internally conflicted, trying to hold true to the ideals of a past love while being forced into situations that cause him to compromise those ideals, and when he finally does it almost breaks him.

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