The Moon

Kiryuu Touga
Revolutionary Girl Utena

    THE MOON Fear. Anxiety. Confusion. Deception, of others and oneself. Distortion of truth. Fantasy. The unconscious. Losing purpose. Aimless wandering.

    KIRYUU TOUGA Touga specializes in deception. He toys with his sister's obsession, dupes Saionji Kyouichi about his friendship, and manipulates Tenjou Utena into believing that he is her Prince. He is one of the principal movers in Ohtori Akio's fantasy, helping construct the fragile shell of unreality about Ohtori Academy that traps everyone within its boundaries. Touga deceives himself as well; when Utena refuses to surrender to him, the magnitude of his loss destroys the image of himself he has invested so much in and renders him nonfunctional for a period of time.

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