Fine print to read before going to the database:

Beta release of my cosplay character selector. This is a project I started to help myself learn PHP and MySQL. It's an idea that was discussed on a mailing list I lurked on a couple of years ago that, to my knowledge, was never actually created: a database of anime characters that you could search using criteria such as hair color, difficulty of construction, and so on to come up with a list of suggestions for characters to cosplay.

I repeat: this is a beta release. That means there are not many characters in it yet -- I uploaded it with 11 characters in it for testing -- but you can add more! The directions on how to interpret the criteria on the Add A Record and the Find Records page desperately need to be rewritten, and there are bound to be bugs. Also, many criteria are subjective - that is, everyone is going to have a different interpretation of whether a character's hair is wavy or not, or how easy or difficult a costume is to make. Eventually I want to make it so people can upload small sample pictures of a character, and so the results list just has a few elements of the database in it (character name, source, and difficulty, for instance), and you click on each character to go to a page about it.

Right now anyone can add a record to the database. If people start abusing it, I'll hack together an authentication script and make people create accounts and sign in to add records. I really don't want to have to do that, because it drives away a lot of good people.

Comments and suggestions welcome at:

6/30/2003 Wow, almost a year since I got this thing up and people have actually added stuff to it! Maybe one day I'll actually redo it so the results come up in some sort of *nice* format instead of the icky table it comes up in.

Cosplay Character Database

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