3/10/2004 The server this is hosted on had a meltdown, and I lost all the mail in my inbox. If you were one of the people who emailed me about costumes and I had not replied (and there were some emails that were *long* overdue to be replied to), then PLEASE email me again! Email sfolse at cepheid dot org. Thank you!

3/1/2004 Yes, I make costumes on commission for people. If you think you might like to commission a costume from me, please look through this site to see what I do, and please look through the himemiya anthy costume, to see what goes into creating a costume like this. Pay special attention to the cost breakdown page to see what this sort of thing could run you. Then, go over to my other site's commissions page to see if I'm currently open for commissions and how to contact me. Thanks!

6/30/2003 My first update in over a year - I haven't been doing much sewing in the past year because I moved and my sewing machine is at Mom's house. But this past weekend I got a commission I couldn't turn down, and so I made a Rose Bride costume from Revolutionary Girl Utena. And also, because a page like this would have been REALLY HANDY, I've made a page that gives details of how I created the various bits and bobs, with pictures.

Beta release of my cosplay character database to help with choosing a character to cosplay based on a number of different criteria. Not a personality test.






himemiya anthy
rose bride - tv version
revolutionary girl utena

fujimiya aya
weiss kreuz

charlotte elbourne
vampire hunter d: bloodlust

ayanami rei
neon genesis evangelion

meryl stryfe



milly thompson

nicholas d. wolfwood

spike spiegel
cowboy bebop





the joker

rocky horror

frank n. furter
rocky horror

orion slave girl
star trek

absinthe drinkers

renfaire bodice




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