Anthy Himemiya: Rose Bride Cosplay


If anyone reading this was at AnimeExpo 2003 in CA over the 4th of July weekend and got photos of the girl wearing this costume, please let me know. I didn't get a chance to get photos of her wearing it due to lack of time.

Also, please feel free to go to my beta-version cosplay character database and add a few characters if you'd like. I plan on recoding it and making it prettier to look at Real Soon Now[tm].

Rose Bride Costume - Introduction

Recently I was commissioned to create a Rose Bride costume as worn by Himemiya Anthy in the television version of the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime. Looking around the net for information on how other costumers created their versions, I couldn't find a lot of useful information. I managed to find one site that mentioned which pattern she used, but it wasn't useful to me since the pattern had been discontinued by the company.

So, this site. I decided to document how I made the costume for three reasons: one, to help other people who are trying to make this costume, two, to remind myself of how I did it a year or more from now when I completely forget, and three, to show you guys exactly what goes into a costume like this and why it rates what seems like a godawful $325 price tag. :D

I've divided it up into sections so as not to overwhelm the bandwidth with pictures. Please feel free to download the pictures and examine them for ideas in making costumes: that's what they're here for. Just don't hot-link them to your site (my bandwidth is low enough already), and don't use them without crediting me and linking back to this page. Thanks!

The finished costume. Click on the picture for a larger version of the image.

The dressmaker's dummy I've got it on in the pic is slightly lopsided, which makes the costume look ever-so-slightly off balance. Don't worry, the real piece isn't like that. :)

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