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I do some web design in addition to my personal site. Live sites are ones that I currently administer, while Archive refers to sites that I don't currently maintain or that no longer exist that I have archived for reference purposes.

  • Cant Sleep Con Will Eat Me

    Live The site of my manga - I draw it and webmaster for it.

  • ConDFW 2003

    Live I'm the current webmaster for this science fiction con to be held in Dallas, TX in February 2003. My first foray into really, really basic PHP, using the 'include' tag. I'm working on learning more PHP and MySQL.

  • MurphyCon

    Live but only technically. MurphyCon is the name of the con the characters in Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me put on, and this will eventually be a webpage for it. I've got lots of ideas, but little time...

  • AggieCon 2001

    Archive I was webmaster for AggieCon 2001. The page that first appears is the temporary page I put up during the transition from the 2001 con to the 2002 con, but the link below it will take you to the full webpage.

  • AggieCon 2002

    Archive I created the original webpage for AggieCon 2002, and the site maintenance was later taken over by the next webmaster, but they kept my design.

  • SCOLA 2002

    Archive I did the webpage for the 2002 Student Conference on Latino Affairs, held by CAMAC, a student committee at Texas A&M University. This is an example of the sort of thing that can happen when requirements change after the design has been finished. The Student Programs Office decided, a couple of months after I had my spiffy design finished, to require that all webpages feature the MSC logo with a minimum size of 140x140 pixels. My design was done using the previous logo, which was at a size of about 50x50 pixels. You can pretty much guess what happened next - I had to shoehorn it in. Oh well. Live and learn.

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