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msc cepheid variable newsletter

MSC Cepheid Variable is the SF/Fantasy/Horror committee for Texas A&M University. I was the Student Development Officer for 2000-2001, and one of my primary duties was to publish the newsletter. We had fiction, con reports, random columns, art, just about anything I could fit in.

:angry things:

Here it is, the long-awaited (by who?) and soon-to-be-lamented :angry things:, a zine that has No Official Connection to Cepheid, no matter how many Cepheids w/h/i/n/e/ write for it. A follow-up to Bouncy Things by Stephanie Smith, in the tradition of Shiny Things and Tarnished Things.

Slight word of warning: it ain't for the weak at heart. If you think you might be offended, you probably will be: i.e., if one of my relatives comes looking through this webpage and sees this, you probably don't want to download it. You Have Been Warned.

So far, it's only available in a ~2.5 MB .pdf file. HTML version coming eventually, but for now you'll need Acrobat Reader to view it. If you don't have that (and I think most computers are infested with multiple copies by now), then do a websearch. It ain't that hard to find.

I have been warned and want to read it anyway.

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