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Now that I've moved to the new domain name, I've restructured a little bit. Here's what's on my site and how to get there:

Main Homepage

  1. Art
    This is the area of the site that showcases artwork that I've done for Living Room Games, Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me, and some random pieces. Contains four subsidiary pages:

  2. Bishounen Tarot
    This area holds a silly project of mine, where I matched up various anime characters with Tarot cards. The three sub-areas here are:

  3. Bryan-College Station Restaurants
    This is a collection of comments and reviews by me and other locals of dining establishments in the Bryan-College Station area.

  4. Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me
    OK, so it's not located on this site. It's on the same server, does that count? Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me is an online manga I draw and write for. Some extra art I've done can be found in the art section of as well.

  5. Costuming
    I do some costuming - cosplay (anime costumes), historical, and others. This area has links to some of the costumes I've created in the past few years.

  6. Miscellaneous
    This is where I shove everything that doesn't fit into the other categories. It turns out to mostly be collections of photos I've taken.

    • Africa Letters
      My fmaily and I lived in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania when Iw as growing up. I'm trying to transcribe letters my mom wrote during that time and put them here.
    • Cepheid Photos
      Photos of my friends from varous conventions and parties.
    • Christmas 2000 Photos
      Family photos, Christmas 2000.
    • UK 2001 Trip
      Mom and I went to the UK during Decmeber of 2001. This is where photos and commentary on the trip can be found.

  7. Web design
    Examples of webpages I've designed, both currently maintained sites and some archived ones.

  8. Zines
    A page dedicated to a couple of zines I've done.

  9. Contact me
    A page with my contact information.

  10. Link me
    Buttons and banners if you'd like to link to my site.

  11. Updates
    Info on what I've lately been doing to the site.

  12. Layout info
    Info on past layouts.

  13. Site map - You are here!

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