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lotus and christy's housewarming party 19 may 2001

Lotus and Christy threw a hell of a housewarming party in May 2001. A good time was had by all, and because we all know it isn't a party unless you break the house: we broke the house. The plumbing had given up the ghost by Sunday morning. The highlight of the party, many say, was when a printer was reduced to its component atoms through the precision application of a baseball bat. Random party pics (in roughly chronological order)

Lisa&David.jpg - Mama and baby.
Nick&David.jpg - Daddy and baby.
Christy in a beanbag.jpg - Christy hangin' out.
jasonbetsyshirley.jpg - Lotus, Betsy, and Shirley.
pool1.jpg - Juan and his inflatable giraffe at the center of attention.
pool2.jpg - Conor exhibits the catch of the day.
pool3.jpg - Mike & Wendy Battle being ignored by Flower.
mel.jpg - Mel, amused
ian&linda.jpg - Where is Ian's other hand?
juansangriaeb.jpg - Juan, Sangria, and Eb sharing an intimate moment.
pool4.jpg - It's all about the giant squiggle
nathan.jpg - Nathan: a study in neutrals.
jeff.jpg - Jeff, shortly after clawing his way out of the grave.
printer1.jpg - The printer-smashing commences.
printer2.jpg - Toby threatening someone off-camera.
printer6.jpg - Toby threatening me. (He wouldn't dare. He knows I'd kick his ass.)
printer3.jpg - "PC Load Letter my ass!"
printer4.jpg - Pancake time.
printer7.jpg - Jeff goes airborne.
printer8.jpg - Autographing the broken bat: Toby stakes Jeff in the forehead.
printer9.jpg - Inordinately proud of themselves.
puppy1.jpg - Mike and Wendy's puppy.
puppy2.jpg - GQ action
puppy3.jpg - Soliciting bellyrubs.
puppy4.jpg - Playing with Tasker.
puppy5.jpg - Playing with Mike.

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a-kon 2001

Pictures of Cepheids attending and working A-Kon 2001. What else is there to say?

Hotel room. - Just to show you that Jennifer and I ended up with a huge room, with a king-size bed and a full-size rollaway, along with a small living-room area, and we DIDN'T LET ANY OF YOU DWEEBS HAVE CRASH SPACE!
Bathroom. - Not only did they fold up the washrags into little fan shapes and tuck them into the hand towels - they folded the Kleenex to match! Have they no lives?!
Dealers' Liaison area - Jennifer and Brian lost amongst a sea of diamond shapes.
The amazing levitating Jeff! - It seems Jeff hasn't bothered to inform the rest of us of his new superpowers.
A rather unsavory character. - It takes a certain something to pull off that outfit. Exactly what, I'm not sure...
James. - Sitting at a rakish angle.
Fling that hair. - Petulant rock star Philo and his groupie.

Friday night at the Buffetorium. Many of these pictures taken by Jennifer.

Brian Stelfreeze - with only half a head.
Brian - wondering just how much more of this story Nathan's gonna swallow.
Mike - , fuzzy and orange.
Ian - and his inflatable hammer.
Jennifer - , the 1920s crack whore.
A portrait of Rory - and Beth's backside.
Nathan - receiving messages from the Overlords.
A miracle! - A smiling, happy Ian!
Wow. - We seem to have discovered the secret behind Jeff's emergent superpowers.
Thag! - Our host and his ladyfriend.
No clue who she is - but she had cool hair.
Lotus is smiling - so why aren't they? Could it be due to the giant glowing object in the foreground?
Gooch - is a happy sailor boy!
Who is - that berabbited man?
Fishy -
Leora - languid.
Three boys - attempting to impress.
Ian again - dozing away.
Doublemint twins -
Ian one last time - about to graphically explain to Jennifer exactly what he thinks of her taking so many pictures.
Yet another - unflattering picture of Leora!

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consortium 2001

Trip to ConSortium, Houston, 29 June - 1 July, 2001
This small photo essay is an attempt to show you the sorts of wild and crazy things we rabid Cepheids get up to at conventions. I didn't take many photos, but I'm sure you will find these more than satisfactory and quite ... um ... educational.

I dedicate this to Mikey, for bitching at me that I hadn't got the pictures put up yet. :P

Exhibit 1 - Wherein Tasker pulls out the toy and starts in on the fun.
Exhibit 2 - Wherein Mike joins Steph and Lisa on the bed as Lisa gazes at Mike's equipment.
Exhibit 3 - Wherein Toby, not to be left out, takes out his own equpiment.
Exhibit 4 - Wherein Tasker begins to horn in on Mike's fun.
Exhibit 5 - Wherein Mike and Toby get a little dual action going.
Exhibit 6 - Wherein Lisa, Mike, Toby, Steph, and Tasker engage in a little five-way action.
Exhibit 7 - Wherein we see Lisa on Saturday afternoon, shortly after Mike taped her up.
Exhibit 8 - Wherein Leora and Steph join the boys and their toys.
Exhibit 9 - Wherein pose the AggieCon 3 from sff.net.
Exhibit 10 - Wherein the AggieCon 3 ride again.
Exhibit 11 - Wherein is displayed Mikey, about to kick my ass for documenting this. :)

Honestly, people, what did you think you were going to see?! Don't answer that.

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