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12 April 2002 Second update today. :) I added a page about various web designs I've done.

12 April 2002 Haven't been updating much on this page, but I've been coding like mad on the Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me and the ConDFW II websites.

I'm teaching myself PHP and MySQL in the hopes that I can code up a nice little application professors can use for exam review of slides at the college where I work, and the side benefit of that will be that I can get all my images on these pages set up so that I don't have to code six million separate HTML pages for them. Whee.

Note to self: page updating works much better when one actually uploads the page to the server.

8 March 2002 For the first time in almost a year, added some letters to the Africa Letters page (find it through 'Misc' on the main page. Boy, my hand are tired of typing those in tonight. Other than that, I haven't really done anything to this webpage. I've mostly been concentrating on the Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me page, and on starting to design the new ConDFW webpage (www.condfw.org - new version not up yet). I'm teaching myself CSS and PHP for that - would be good if only this stupid DIV tag I'm trying to fit in would work like it's supposed to!

12 February 2002 Changed the colors on the art pages to something slightly less pastel, and updated the layouts page with a screen shot of the new colors. Most of my current web-design energy is being directed towards the Can't Sleep homepage, which will be Really Darn Spiffy in a week or so.

11 February 2002 OK, got an art links page up, updated the site map, and made an 'I've Moved!' page. Now to get Jeff to set that global redirect in place, and we'll be cookin' with gas!

8 February 2002 It's done! It's done! It's compeltely migrated over and the site map is up! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Just gotta get Jeff to set up that global forwarding thing... OK, I also redid the site navigation in the art pages a bit. I like 'em mucho better now. And I added some extra Can't Sleep pics that don't fit anywhere on the Can't Sleep Con Will Eat Me manga site.

5 February 2002 Wow. Almost daily updating, hm? Don't worry, it won't last long. Eventually I'll find something else to obsess about and the page will slide into long periods of stagnation punctuated by short bursts of frantic activity. Anyway, what I did was go through and clean up all my internal links (but not, alas, my spelling), so that if I wanted to burn the site to CD, everything would point to everything else and there wouldn't be any accidentally broken links. Praise O'Reilly! Especially the most recent edition of Web Design in a Nutshell, which has saved my bacon more than once. $29.95 (minus a 10% discount) well spent.

4 February 2002 The Costuming page is now up, and completely (well, mostly) redone. All the costumes are on one page now, and I dumped the thumbnails because they just took up download time. Much cleaner look now.

3 February 2002 Uploaded the Bryan-College Station Restaurant Guide. I think it all works. The restaurant submission form certainly does. I also have a guestbook thingy for the restaurant pages almost ready to go up - it was working just fine on the old site, but something has gotten fux0red in the migration. It accepts input, and mails the input to me, but doesn't actually post it. Sigh. Oh well. The rest works, at least. Now for me to just put in the additions that have been sitting in my inbox since December...

1 February 2002 Phew. Got the Bishounen Tarot pages up; luckily I'd used relative URLs for most of the links in there. Just have to migrate the restaurant and costuming pages (and update them!) figure out which of the remaining pages to keep and which to trash, and then create the site map and get Jeff to set the global redirect in place... what, five, ten minutes tops, right? Heh.

31 January 2002 New pages up: the one with the buttons and banners on it and the site layout info one. Pages migrated: the zines page, and the art pages. Geez, I hate the way the art pages are laid out. I shall think about how to restructure them. Perhaps thumbnails that call up a separate window with the piece and my commentary in it. Not really looking forward to fixing all the Bishounen Tarot pages, but on the bright side the structure is sound so I don't have to radically rewrite anything, just change a lot of URLs. Relative URLs! That is my mantra from now on! Relative URLs!

28 January 2002 - Well, it's been a teeny bit over a year since I went live with my webpage, and I finally ended up dropping the $$ on my own domain name, since I got tired of typing in long, unwieldy URLs. And I hated my site architecture, so it's being redone. Got the index page, and fought a long, hard, bitter, but ultimately valiant battle with the HTML for the contact page (which I'm re-using for this and a couple of other pages). The images all match up now, in both the browsers I use.

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